The patented Copromec injection plunger tip

The COPROMEC plunger tip has been specifically projected for cold chamber high pressure die casting machines (aluminium and magnesium). The innovation consists in using the energy of molten aluminium during the injection process, in order to press the rings against the shot sleeve walls. The plunger tip body is realized in special steel developed to resist to heavy working conditions in the die casting process and to strong thermal shocks (aluminium 600°C – water 30°C). The copper rings take place in grooves present on the plunger tip. They are made of a special pressed copper alloy. The copper rings are always in contact with the shot sleeve, working as a seal for liquid aluminium, as in a hydraulic system. Between the plunger tip head and the first ring, there are specific holes to ensure the molten aluminium to flow under the ring. At each injection the ring expands thanks to the thin layers of solidified aluminium created under the ring, compensating the external wear..

Benefits of the COPROMEC system:

  • Userfriendly system and production efficiency
  • It endures operator mistakes without causing expensive damages (max: breakage of a ring)
  • Continuous injection cycles thanks to compensation created by copper rings
  • Reduction of down time machine
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Shot sleeve life improvement
  • Compensation of shot sleeve ovalization and conical deformation
  • Compensation of wider tolerances
  • It tolerates possible mistakes due to a missing lubrication
  • Excellent vacuum seal
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All the components you need

In order to provide to our customers a complete package for their injection system of pressure die casting, we supply not only the plunger tips, but also all the other components such as rods, shot sleeves, water jackets, lubricants and lubrication systems. Thanks to our products, we have studied the optimal technology proposal for the injection group, with the only goal to resolve your problems. We start from your needs to project a series of specific products, according to the machine and the die type, that comply with your real needs, as for the amount of heat to control, and that satisfy all the variables of your production process.

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Copromec lubricated plunger tip

The main component of our new, patented, system is the lubricated plunger tip currently employed in the production of automotive structural parts. The most important advantages are a top vacuum seal and a longer lifetime of the shot sleeve, rod and plunger tip. This innovation is the outcome of assiduous research and development to allow high quality industrial technologies. Additional applications include use with specific alloys and many other production requirements. Its performance optimizes the cycle process time and the lifetime of the components, ensuring low porosity of aluminum casting, decreased lubricant quantity and improved solidification time.

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