We are the official commercial referent of Copromec for the Asian market. We supply all the necessary parts to the aluminium and magnesium high pressure die casting such as lubricated rods, thermoregulated shot sleeves, patented plunger tips, lubricants and more products. Due to our first rate products, technical knowledge, skills and die casting expertise, we ensure to our clients good results, higher quality of the casted parts, as well as longer lifespan of the injection system components. It follows that the customer will get a considerable time and cost reduction and a productiveness increase at the same time. Our strategy enabled us to obtain the trust from the most known carmakers and motorcycle manufacturers worldwide.


Our new patented system permits a very good adherence, which is the foundation in the manufacturing of automotive structural parts. Advantages consist of a better vacuum seal and a much longer life-time for the shot sleeve, rod and plunger tip. Our lubricated plunger tips are the outcome of a nonstop development, following the philosophy to meet the variable needs of the business. Further applications include the use of particular alloys and several other production requirements.

Copromec Die Casting
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